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LEINE Acne and AntiAge Clinic Med Spa


LEINE is built on taking care of yourself and your community. Madeleine founded LEINE with the goal of helping clients achieve their dream skin and give back to foster teens in the community.

Through professional services and high-quality medical-grade products, Madeleine strives to address and improve skin concerns, enhancing self image and self esteem.


LEINE supplies a Foster Pantry so that underprivileged youth in foster care gain access to basic skincare guidance and the ingredients they need to feel confident in their skin.


In lieu of gratuity on services clients are encouraged to purchase a skincare product for the LEINE Foster Pantry. 



From being insecure about my skin and trying everything under the sun to clear my acne, to becoming an Acne Expert!

As a teenager, I struggled with severe acne that left me feeling insecure and worthless. I remember avoiding social outings on multiple occasions in fear of being judged for my painful, beat red acne. I missed school dances, dates, and slumber parties due to my insecurity. In college, I remember driving to the grocery store and waiting nearly an hour in the parking lot before deciding not to go in in fear of someone seeing my latest breakout.

LEINE Acne and AntiAge Clinic Med Spa
Acne Program Clear Skin Solution Before and After


Despite my struggles, I eventually became an acne expert.  I have developed a safe and effective way to clear acne, something that I wish I had access to when I was a teenager. This journey wasn't easy and was filled with depression and anxiety — but I persevered, and now I want to help others who are going through the same thing that I did.
So, that's my story and it has inspired me to help others in a way that I wish I had been helped when I was younger.

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