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$1,200+ Value!

LEINE Acne Clinic is searching for individuals 15 years and older who suffer from moderate to severe acne.


Please Note: Requirements are study specific which determines your eligibility.


  • Female and/or Male subjects of any race, in good general health

  • All subjects must have current visible active acne blemishes

  • Must have at least 15 red, irritated pimples and at least 10 whiteheads or blackheads

  • Must submit 3 photos of skin. Front, Left Profile, Right Profile.

  • Individuals must schedule bi-weekly treatments at LEINE for 12 weeks

  • Individuals must live within 30 minutes of LEINE Acne Clinic

  • Individuals must be dedicated to the provided morning and evening skincare routine & be open to making suggested lifestyle changes

  • Individuals willing to be photographed and sign a model release


  • NOON Aesthetics & LEINE Acne Clinic will provide 12 weeks of products for patients use at home at no cost.

  • LEINE Acne Clinic will provide bi-weekly treatment at 50% off - $60 per treatment

  • Clear your skin. For good! Without the use of oral medications.

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Thank you for submitting your application. Please allow us 2 weeks to review your application.

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