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Acne For Teens

Updated: Mar 12

Clinical studies on acne in teens have been conducted to understand the underlying causes and overall impact on the well-being of adolescents. Lets discus all things ance for teens.

Hormonal Influence:

Hormonal changes during puberty play a significant role in the development of acne. One DovePress study explored the relationship between androgens and the increased sebum production that contributes to acne lesions. While androgens are present in both males and females; females have a 28-day hormone cycle that has no resemblance to the male 24-hour hormone cycle. This is partially why the genders experience acne differently. 

Androgens, which include testosterone, increase during puberty in both males and females. Testosterone (the male-dominant androgen hormone) has many receptors on the sebaceous glands that increase oil production and lead to acne in both genders.

Males typically undergo a more significant surge in testosterone levels. Their testosterone levels rise in puberty by increasing gradually at first, then accelerate in mid to late puberty on a 24-hour cycle. This hormonal shift in teenage males contributes to a major increase in sebum (oil) production and can lead to the development of larger, more inflammatory acne lesions. 

Females enter puberty and begin menstruation, they experience cyclical hormone fluctuations. The 28-day cycle of hormonal fluctuations related to the menstrual cycle leads to changes in acne severity throughout the month. 

During the first half of a female's menstrual cycle, estrogen is the main hormone and in the second half, it’s progesterone. An increase in progesterone increases sebum production. 

Testosterone is elevated around the time of ovulation increasing sebum production in the pores, increasing a potential for breakouts to occur. Simultaneously to this progesterone and testosterone increase is the swelling of the skin and hair follicles, which acts to trap excess sebum and increases the incidence of acne in the 10 days leading up to menstruation.

Sebum Production:

Androgens stimulate the sebaceous glands in the skin to produce sebum. Males tend to have larger sebaceous glands and produce more sebum compared to females. Increased sebum production can clog hair follicles and contribute to the formation of acne lesions.

Distribution of Acne:

The distribution of acne lesions also differs between males and females. Males typically have more acne on the face, neck, shoulders, and upper back, where sebaceous glands are more abundant. In contrast, females may experience acne primarily on the face.

Cosmetic and Skincare Practices:

Differences in cosmetic and skincare practices between males and females can also contribute to variations in acne presentation. Females may use makeup products that impact the skin.

DID YOU KNOW? Every liquid foundation, tinted moisturizer, and BB Cream contains pore-clogging ingredients. Get off the liquid!

PRO TIP: Use TIZO Lightly Tinted AM Replenish SPF and a Physcians Formula mineral powder applied with a clean eyeliner brush to cover pimples. Heavy concealers and liquid foundation will only clog the pores further, leading to future breakouts.

Prevalence and Impact:

A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that acne is highly prevalent among teenagers, affecting approximately 85% of adolescents aged 12-24 years. The negative psychological impact of acne on teens, including self-esteem and quality of life, was highlighted in the study.

Research by the Indian Journal of Dermatology has delved into the psychosocial impact of acne on teenagers in multiple studies, emphasizing the importance of addressing not only the physical symptoms but also the emotional and social aspects to improve overall well-being.

How can LEINE help?

I understand the devistating effects that acne can have on a teen. I have developed a safe and effective way to clear acne for teens, something that I wish I had access to when I was a teenager. My personal journey wasn't easy and was filled with depression and anxiety — but I persevered, and now I want to help others who are going through the same thing that I did.

At LEINE, I use medical grade products and science backed services to help you get clear, for good.

LEINE is a leading Acne Clinic and Med Spa in Rockwall, TX offering top-of-the-line pharmaceutical products and skin services.

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